My nose has grown after 2 rhinoplasties - what to do?

Hello! I’m a 23 year old woman - very unhappy with my nose(disproportional, big). I’ve had 2 rhinoplasties(at age 18 and 19). I had a second surgery, as the difference after the first wasn’t big, and it started growing. I was so happy after the second(!!), but my nose has again grown significantly. I’m so depressed about this, and I think it’s awful having to do a third surgery. What has to be done in order to MAINTAIN a good result?? My surgeon lifted my tip and reduced the nostrils.

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Multiple nose revision surgeries

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Despite the fact that you submitted many photos I am not sure that I clearly see the problem. You should seek a second opinion consult by a renown plastic surgeon, nose expert, (there are quite a few in L.A. area) for detailed clinical evaluation and discuss your options. Good luck.

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