How long after rhinoplasty can I have sex?

I know this is a funny question but my job involves sex haha! I am not doing any really rough sex for a few months but the usual sex yes, after 3 weeks probably. I am getting my deviated septum fixed and my tip reshaped.

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For the rhinoplasty recovery is important to avoid heavy exercise or activities that involve facial contact for the first 4 weeks so there is less swelling on the nose and less chances of trauma to the nose, that can result in a slower recovery or maybe a modification of the nose shape, from minor trauma to the tissues.

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How long after rhinoplasty can I have sex?

So long as you are careful and do not plan any rough sex, three weeks of no sex should be ok. Thank you for your question.

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How long after a rhinoplasty can I have sex?

In our practice, we ask patients to refrain from  raising their heart rate and blood pressure for 2 weeks to avoid additional swelling or a nosebleed. For more information and are postoperative regimen, please see the link below

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Sex after rhinoplasty

After rhinoplasty surgery, surgeons want the swelling to clear as quickly as possible. So sex after rhinoplasty should be looked at in this light. Exercise is not recommended for variable times after surgery, often a month is suggested. Secondly lying flat isn't great either as it too promotes swelling. There's a lot of variety in sex, so I should also mention having ur head down isn't good also! Sex also usually involves an increase in heartrate, and this too should be avoided a the first month. 

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