Indentation on nose after Rhinoplasty - Causes? Will it resolve on its own? Is this common?

I have read many responses to questions about nose dents after rhinoplasty, but I don't see a lot of responses as to what causes them and if these "dents" for the most part resolve on their own during the healing process. Across the board PS's are in agreement as to swelling and the length of time it can last, but I'm trying to understand how swelling plays a role when dealing with indentations? Do most dents require revision surgery or fillers? Can some be felt but not seen? Thanks,

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Indentations Following Rhinoplasty

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It's really hard to say without a photograph. Some dents can be due to changes in skin thickness, some due to contours in cartilage, and some due to changes in the amount of soft tissue. Whether or not this will resolve over time following a rhinoplasty depends on which of these things is causing the problem. If you've addressed this with your surgeon, and are still having some concerns, find another experienced rhinoplasty surgeon in your area and visit them for a second opinion. This may help put your mind at ease. If the indentations persist, a small amount of an injectable filler may solve the problem without needing further surgery.  Good luck.

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Dents after Rhinoplasty

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Dents or concavities are likely the cause of irregularities in the underlying cartilage or bony structure.  Dents rarely "fill in" on their own.  Fillers can be a temporary solution, but often a revision needs to be performed.  Even in the best of hands, the revision rate with Rhinoplasty is 5-10 %.  Select your surgeon wisely.

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Pesky irregularities

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 great questions... Dents or "irregularities" (both seen and unseen or only felt) are quite common after rhinoplasty. Some are a consequence of uneven cartilage or bone and only become visible after all swelling subsides (one year or more) OR new bone callous can form some time after rhino causing a "dent" some time later... They can be fixed by surgery or filler but I don't recommend filler

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Post Rhinoplasty Advice

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Dear Jadelyliz, It is difficult to say what is going on without a photograph. Dents can occur after surgery and some may resolve on their own while others may require surgical intervention. See your surgeon for post operative follow up and he/she will know best what is causing the dent. Once this is determined a proper diagnosis can be made. Best regards, MIchael V. Elam, M.D.

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"Dents" in the nose after rhinoplasty.

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Thank you for sharing your question and concerns.  Without photos it is very difficult to determine whether the dents you are referring to our normal or not. The best way to get your question answered would be to follow-up with the surgeon who performed your rhinoplasty. Keep in mind that swelling after rhinoplasty surgery can last longer than 1 year before it completely subsides.

Brian Harmych, MD
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