Can I have a Fat transfer to inner thigh so I can close the "thigh gap"? (photos)

I had a Fat transfer with Dr. William Bruno in Beverly Hills and because I didn't have enough that he had to take fat out of my inner thighs. Now I have small skinny chicken legs and a huge thigh gap. I was wanted to know if I can transfer fat from my stomach into my inner thighs to close the gap? Make thighs used to tough and no longer do.

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Fat transfer for liposuction contour irregularities works 'just okay' #plasticsugery

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Inner thigh contour irregularities as a result of liposuction are very difficult to correct with fat transfer. Most experienced liposuction surgeons are very conservative when planning liposuction of the inner thighs. Seek a board certified surgeon for an opinion on your issue.

Thigh deformity following fat harvest for transfer.

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Based on your photos alone that may be an option but you do need to be examined in person.  The amount of improvement will vary depending upon your genetics and the amount of fat available for harvest and transfer.

Meet with a board-certified ABPS plastic surgeon for face-to-face exam and best wishes.

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Thigh Gap and Fat Transfer

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Fat can be transferred here but is much harder to stay you need a meticulous technique with PRP and puregraft for the best results in my opinion.  I suggest seeing an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Can I have a Fat transfer to inner thigh?

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Fat can be transferred from any where there there is "pinchable" fat to any location on the body. However, certain body areas are much easier to harvest from and leave a very aesthetic result after the fat is removed.  Inner thighs is typically not one of those areas. I am concern if there was not enough fat for your original procedure in the abdomen area there will not be enough there to supply the inner thighs.

Fat transfer

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Thank you for your question and a photo. I am sorry that you felt your legs were left too skinny.
As general rule fat can be harvested form any part of the body where there is abundance and transferred to any part where there is a lack of fatty layer. However fat survival rate depends on ratio of the adipocytes derived stem cells in the aspirate. Stem cells concentration in fat goes in descending order : inner knees area, periumbilical, from outer thighs. 30 % of transferred fat ill get reabsorbed and that should b taken into account. So your fat form tummy area will be average in terms of survival rate when transferred to inner thighs. Discuss all options with your doctor.

Can I have a Fat transfer to inner thigh so I can close the "thigh gap"? (photos)

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you look pretty skinny  and it  doesn't look as if you have enough fat to  fill in the inner thighs.  I  think your legs look fine, some people like them even more gappy in the upper thigh.

Fat transfer to legs

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You can have fat transferred from anywhere to anywhere! I would highly recommend that you do a morphing so that you can make sure what you are desiring will look better before you commit to you.

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