I've had braces for 5 years and haven't been to the orthodontist in 4 years. My brackets & wires have fallen off. What do I do?

I can afford treatment now, but I can't afford to pay the left over balance at my old orthodontist. I am also to ashamed to go back there. I really need to start treatment because I feel so embarrassed everything I open my mouth. I have been to the dentist and they already know my situation and encourage me to start treatment again. I am just not sure if another orthodontist will work on me since I have cement and glue on my teeth from another place. What do I do? Please help me.

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First, you're not the first person that this type of situation has happened to.  Things happen!  I suggest that you ask your dentist which orthodontist you should go to (not the original orthodontist!). Then, make an appointment to see that doctor. Tell them what happened and explain that money was an issue and that you are embarrassed about your situation. Most likely that doctor's office will call the original orthodontist's office and see what needs to happen to get you back in treatment with the new doctor. Since you didn't finish your original treatment plan, it is very unlikely that you would need to pay the whole balance to the original orthodontist's office.  Since it's been four years, they may have simply written it off. It would be helpful, though, to the new orthodontist to have your original records. Sometimes it's best to just start fresh. Good luck!

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