Is my mild cross bite bad enough to need Braces? (Photo)

I have a crossbite that is definitely not severe but still there. I personally don't WANT braces, but if this could gets worse as I get older, then I would rather have them now and just get it fixed. Again, this isn't a terrible crossbite, but should I still get braces? (How severe must it be for insurance to help cover?)

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Cross bite

Thanks for sending your question. Its important to note that although your issues are mild, they can lead to other problems like chipping of teeth due to mis-alignment; and they are at greater risk.  Orthodontically repositioning the teeth and making sure your bite is corrected can easily be done with either conventional braces or even clear aligners. Options can be discussed with an experienced provider in your area.

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Mild Crossbite? Need Correction?

You have a very under-developed maxilla.  This can lead to future problems and gives you a small smile with dark buccal  corridor.

You may never have issues with the crossbite but you are definitely more prone to snoring and future sleep apnea.

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