Can braces fix jaws and long face?

Hi. I have long face and I have braces right now. I'm wondering, do I still need expander for my jaws to be fixed? The other dentist I asked said I need expander in order to fix my long face but my dentist said I don't need expander anymore 'cause braces will fix it. Is it true that I won't be needing it anymore? I really want to fix my jawline.

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Can Braces Fix a Long Face?

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Braces alone will not fix a long face. Hopefully, you did not have teeth extracted before braces were placed. When bicuspid teeth are extracted before braces the result will be a long narrow face and a narrow smile. To correct a long narrow face the dental arches have to be widened. Widening of dental arches is accomplished with removable appliances that are worn 12-17 hrs/day.

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