Animation deformity options? (Photo)

I am 4 mos. post BA revision from subglandular to submuscular due to rippling and asymmetry. I have very thin skin so this placement was preferred. I am extremely active. I now have animation deformity which is very bothersome when I workout or play sports. I hate the feeling of displacement but most bothersome is the visible movement and rippled skin in the center of my chest when I perform many movements. I am also limited and cannot do pull ups, tricep dips, hanging abs.. What are my options?

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Understanding animation deformity: the split muscle plane

Some degree of distortion of the breast is inevitable with implants under the muscle in thin and athletic patients. What many do not understand about submuscular placement with the dual plane technique is that it involves cutting a portion of the pectoral muscle where it attaches to the rib cage. This portion of the muscle then pulls up, and heals onto the scar capsule where you see the pulling. The split muscle technique leaves this portion of the muscle behind the implant, and does not disrupt the attachments. That preserves muscle function and eliminates a lot of the animation, but preserves the muscle coverage over the upper part of the implant where it is most needed. References and examples on my website.

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How can I alleviate an animation deformity of my breast implants?

It is difficult to alleviate that unless you replace the implants on top of muscle again. I make a neopocket which usually helps other problems. Other less beneficial would be fat injections and eve Botox injections. 

Edward J. Domanskis, MD
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Animaition deformities are bothersome

especially if you are going from above the muscle to below the muscle.  I assume you were informed of the animation issues and that you had an active role in choosing the position of your pocket.  Now that you aren't tolerating it well, you're only real option left is to return to above the muscle, repair your muscles that were detached (not needed if your muscles truly were not touched), and use a textured anatomic gel implant and accept all of the shortcomings of gel implants in thin patients.  If you're really good with the size and look, you may want to consider learning how to cope with you animation deformities and live with them as  is.  Botox could be done but it would get pricey very quickly.

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Animation Deformity


Although your deformity is mild, I understand you are not pleased.  It can take upwards of a year or more to regain strength in specific exercises. Revision options include:

1. smaller implants under the muscle.

2. smaller, form stable implants under the muscle.

3. smaller implants over the muscle, +/- fat grafting.

4. smaller, form stable implants over the muscle, +/- fat grafting.

The reason I keep saying smaller implants is because they cause smaller problems. Best of luck!

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Animation deformity

Thank you for the question and many women do develop animation deformities after augmentation who are thin and rippling if placed in front of the muscle.  An examination, however, and a review of your operative note is really needed to see what might now relieve the animation and yet give you the best result possible.

Dr. Corbin

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