How Much Longer Will My Nose Keep Changing After Septorhinoplasty? (photo)

Hi! I had open septorhino done 6.5 months ago.I have thin skin & no grafts used. At the 6 month mark, my tip started to soften. I also noticed (around the same time) one morning that my columella had suddenly lifted (very exciting!). I am wondering when my nose will change more. My tip's still hard, but not nearly as hard as it was. I see/feel a real difference. Should it take long before I see any more changes in my nose? Or is it expected that it will change a little every day? Thank you!

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Nose changes during rhinoplasty recovery

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Thanks for the question.  While each individual experiences recovery slightly differently, it really does take 12 months (more or less) to see essentially final results.  During this time, your body is going through various phases of healing.  Even 1 mm of change in the contour can make a big difference in the way light and shadows appear on the nose.  It sounds like changes are occurring.  You should communicate your concerns to your surgeon as you go through this process.  He/she can better help you understand what to expect, based on what he/she did in surgery.  Hope this helps, and good luck to you!

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Changing nose after rhinoplasty

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A nose will take at least one year to fully heal after rhinoplasty and sometimes longer.  However, the way the nose looks may change for six to nine months and then stabilize or it may take longer.  Individual healing is variable and depends on what was done and how your body heals.

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Rhinoplasty Changes at 6 Months

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   In general, the rhinoplasty results will not be fully realized for at least a year.  You will probably not notice any changes on a day to day or week to week basis.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

How much longer will my nose keep changing after septorhinoplasty?

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In general, the final result of a rhinoplasty may not be evident for 18-24 months following surgery. 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months, and the remainder goes down over time. Your nose will continue to change throughout the healing process. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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How Much Longer Will My Nose Keep Changing After Septorhinoplasty?

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On average in open rhinoplasty the healing time can be as long as 1 year. Best to discuss with your chosen surgeon in detail. 

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