How Long Do Thigh Lift Outer Dissolvable Stitches Take to Dissolve and What is the Best Product for Cleaning Them?

How long do thigh lift outer dissolvable stitches take to dissolve? Also, my doctor advised me to clean these sutures with hydrogen peroxide, but I've read that this will cause them to lose strength. What is the best product for cleaning these outer sutures?I am 3 weeks post op; could my stitches be weakened by the hydrogen peroxide and how would I know if they have? Most importantly, will this affect the quality of my thigh lift result?

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Sutures, when used, removed after two weeks; Hydrogen peroxide to keep the suture clean

I am uncertain exactly what suture your surgeon use and why they would have to stay in for three weeks.  Typically I do not use external sutures but when I do, I would remove them after approximately two weeks.  If your surgeon has left in outer sutures, I am sure they have a good reason. 

I suggest using hydrogen peroxide, which is typically used to dissolve any blood around the suture.  I believe the presence of blood stimulates bacteria and causes secondary infection. Hydrogen peroxide would be a very good product to keep the suture and suture line clean.  It may weaken the suture mildly but not significantly to break or remove the suture. This should not affect the quality of your thigh lift result whatsoever.

Congratulations on your weight loss surgery.  It is very important for you to continue compression for at least 3 to 4 months after your surgery as well as to apply silicone gel and silicone strips to the scar to allow for a flat scar.

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J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS

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