Very Unhappy With Thigh Lift Scars - Should I Get a Revision? (photo)

I lost 85lbs and had a thigh lift last August. I was told scars would be inside my thigh (up to my groin area). Immediately after surgery it was clear the scars are in the middle of my thigh. The Dr wants to do another lift (revision surgery). I'm afraid he won't fix it or make it worse. I'm in Asia and will be returning to the US next yr. Should I let the Dr try to fix this or wait to see a Dr when I get home? The cost here is much less, but not as important as having the scars fixed/improved.

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Thigh Lift Scars - Revision?

I'm sorry that the scars weren't placed where you expected they would be placed.

Unfortunately you will always have a visible scar. Surgery may be able to change the appearance of the scar but I don't think a scar revision will produce major changes in your scar. The position of the scar cannot be changed from the front of your thigh.

Should you have treatment in Asia or the US? I can't comment on that without knowing more about your access to a qualified and experienced surgeon. It may be possible to make your scars less noticeable through a combination of surgery, laser, silicone sheeting and time, but I would not advise that you spend large sums of money in an attempt to make the scars unnoticeable.

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Incision Malposition Following Thigh Lift Surgery

It's essential that medial thigh lifts be designed so that the vertical incision is placed on the inner aspect of the thigh. In this location, the scar is nicely hidden and the aesthetic result optimized. Unfortunately, your pictures indicate that your incision is anteriorly malpositioned. Without residual laxity of the anterior skin flap, there's no way to posteriorly re-position the incision.

Under these circumstances, optimizing the appearance of scars with local wound care is appropriate. In the immediate post-operative period, these incisions tend to be raised and red. The vast majority of these incisions respond nicely to massage, sun avoidance, compression and tincture of time. In many cases, these scars are imperceptible.

Rarely hypertrophic scarring does occur following this type of procedure. Under these circumstances, massage and rarely, steroid injections are helpful. Rarely, patients may require scar revision even when re-positioning the incision isn't possible.

If you're concerned about scarring, it's important to consult a board certified plastic surgeon. If no one with appropriate credentials is available in your location, it may be better to delay surgery until you have returned to the United States.

Richard J. Bruneteau, MD
Omaha Plastic Surgeon
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Thigh lift

The scars may improve with time, but you will always have these scars. The problem is the position of the scars, being anterior on the thigh. I do not believe the position of the scars will change. The shape of the thighs may be improved, but the position of the scar can not be moved more to the normal inner thighs.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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