After Revision Thigh Lifts the Skin of Vagina is Being Pulled Open. Is There Any Chance of Fixing This? (photo)

I asked a previous question, but now have included photos. I have had 4 thighs lifts to correct botched lipo. These lifts didn't tighten the skin at all and now I'm left with horrible scars and my vagina is pulling open. There is no natural crease between my legs, and when I open my legs just a little, there is webbing of my skin.My doctor is the Chief of Surgery in a major hospital. I don't understand how a doctor of this skill level could not realize that this deformity could occur.What can be done now?? Am I forever deformed. It hurts as well.

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Reduce the tension in the area with a V-Y advancement flap

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I have seen this before on crescent medial thigh lifts.  This results in spreading of the perineal and vaginal region.  The solution is to reduce the tension in this area by mobilizing skin and fat.  I would suggest a V-Y advancement flap, which is done by creating a V-shaped incision just lateral to the pubic hair and advancing the tissue into the perineal region.  I have performed this on two patients and significantly improved their thigh perineal region.

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Thigh lift

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Medial thigh lift with a grion incision runs a small risk of the scar pulling on the labia and causes the labia to pull and open the vagina. This can be corrected, usually need good expertise, and knowledge of the anatomy.

For your specific case, you seem to have had several surgeries, liposuction gone wrong aand 4 thigh lifts gone wrong????

Now it is time to look at the problem from another point of view. That is the correction of the open vagina, due to spread of the labia. correct that and later about one year later look at the cosmetic part of the problem and correct that.

You may need a skin graft behind the labia, to close the labia. Skin grafts and flaps are not cosmetically prety. but you need correction for function and pain now not cosmesis.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Thigh lift revision

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Firstly, I am sorry this problem occurred. The reason that this occurs is that too much skin was removed from the medial thighs, and this places undue pull on the labia, and opens the vagina. The  solution is, releasing the scar contracture in the groin and replacing the lost skin with either full thickness skin grafts, or skin flaps. Either option leaves you with donor site scars.

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Correction of open labia after thigh lift(s)

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It is always more difficult to correct things that have gone wrong for whatever the reason.  Most of the time it has nothing to do with the surgeon or the expertise but wound healing and scar contracture etc.  First of all I would wait at least a year after the last surgery before even considering doing anything.  I would then seek additional consultations to see if other procedures could be done to put additional skin into the area or re-suspend the thigh to the ligamentous structures to prevent the pull down.  Good luck but now is the time for patience before proceeding.

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