How long should the results of a good facelift/necklift last?

I am 61 and had a lower facelift and neck lift with lipo. I love the results and am healing nicely. After reading posts on this site I am confused. I am still a little swollen and tight, but look so much better without the turkey waddle. I confused though, as many doctors on this site have said that one year from now I will not look the same as I do now. How long does a facelift last? I thought it was supposed to look good for years, until the natural process of aging "catches up".

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How long does a Facelift last

A facelift turns back the clock. Maintaining good health, and taking good care of your skin care definitely make the results of a facelift last longer.

Wearing sunblock, good nutrition, getting enough sleep and even trying to minimize stress are wonderful ways to keep your skin, and the results of your facelift looking their best.

The people with the longest lasting facelifts have good skin quality prior to surgery. Excess sun exposure, smoking , excessive drinking and other issues can contribute to skin laxity.

Some people have one facefift and never feel the need for another facelift.

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How long should the results of a good facelift/necklift last?

Thank you for your question!  The intent of a facelift is to provide the patient with a rejuvenated look that will last years.  The amount of facial aging will dictate the decrease in one's age appearance.  So since you are 61, probably you will have improved your age appearance by 10 or so years making you look as though you are about 50.  From what you wrote on your note here, it seems as though the surgeon may have meant that your end result of the performed facelift will take up to a year to heal, not that it will last only a year or so.  Typically facelifts will last quite a while.  Your face never stops aging even with surgery. So depending on lifestyle, weight fluctuations, sun damage, smoking history, these all can decrease the lasting benefits of your surgery.  I would think provided you live a conservative lifestyle, you should get benefits up to 10 to 15 years.  The lasting benefits of the facelift also depends on the technique performed.  Hope this helps!!

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Plan for 10 Years of Results

In general, the results of a face lift and neck lift performed by an experienced surgeon have the potential to last up to a decade. After this first 10 years, skin once again begins to loosen and results are compromised. Proper upkeep and care can prolong results, while stress and environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight can accelerate the rate at which skin elasticity returns. 

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How Long Will the Results of a God Facelift Last?

Good or bad the results of a facelift will last your lifetime. However some techniques hold up a little better or a little longer. For instance, a skin only lift like the ones usually performed at the LifeStyle Lift company or a Quick Lift surgeon, may get quite good results bit the studies show that skin only lifts do not stand up quite as well as a lift that tightens the deeper tissue of the face as well like the MACS lift (which uses short scars or incisions) or a deep plane lift or SMAS lift. All of these lifts will have lasting results

A good or bad lift is really about how your look. Most surgeons would say that the windblown look that you see in some facelift patients is a bad lift. Patients who look natural, rested and generally more youthful we usually call a good facelift.

I hope the helps.

Best regards.

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A good facelift is a permanent procedure.

A facelift that’s performed well should last between five and 10 years, depending on your skin’s elasticity, whether you’re a smoker and other factors. However, while a facelift is a permanent procedure that delivers long-term results, it doesn’t stop the aging process completely. What this means is that you’ll look younger than your peers, and will continue to look younger for several more years to come, but you’ll still see some age-related changes in your appearance appear as time passes. Even these should be less apparent than the same changes seen in someone your age who has never had a facelift.

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A well executed facelift will last a lifetime.

A well executed facelift will give him him during results. Most patients have only one facelift in a lifetime. This is not to say that over time some changes from age might require a revision.

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How long should the results of a good facelift/necklift last?

Glad to hear everything went well with your procedure and you are happy with your results so far!  After any type of Plastic Surgery the area will go through change as it heals.  These changes are gradual and can continue to occur even up to a full year after surgery. The results of a facelift can last up to 10 years but gravity and the aging process will still continue.  In the end, a face that has had a facelift will always hold up better than a face that hasn’t had one. Taking photos of the area on a weekly basis is something we suggest; this can be used as a tool to see your full results!

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Facelift longevity

Your question is a great one and an inquiry that I get frequently.  A face lift, or any plastic surgery procedure for that matter, should give you a significant change from your pre-operative situation.  It is a "reset" at that point in time, and allows you to regain some of your more youthful features.  You will continue to age, however, and the aging process will continue in the region of your surgery as well.  
If you age quickly, as let's say a smoker does, it is likely that your surgical results will be more short lived than a healthier patient who will show their age more slowly.  Because of this there is no way to accurately tell a patient how long their results will last.  Longevity of plastic surgery is as individualized as your body or face itself, and as long as you have the proper operation performed, should not be related to your surgeon as much as your general health and lifestyle.

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Face lift results

Thank you for your inquiry about your face lift.

Here is how things go.
Right after surgery, you are swollen. Swelling goes down, the look becomes more natural.

The face lift result is permanent - you will always look better for your age and you will look younger than your unface-lifted peers.

But results in people over 50 tend to need re-operations earlier than those in younger people, because the tissues have lost more of their elasticity.  Best wishes.

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How long should the results of a good facelift/necklift last?

Dear joy, thank you for your question.Facelift surgery can dramatically improve the cheeks, temple area, jawline, and neck. Facelifts are considered permanent, but you will continue to age and may need maintenance. Good Luck!

Roy A. David, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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