How long is the recovery time from nasal adhesion surgery under general anaesthetic?

I am having an adhesion removed (following septoplasty) under general anaesthetic. What sort of recovery time and complications can I expect? I am due to fly away on a weekend break 4 days later - is this too little time to recover? Thanks

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Recovery following surgery for adhesions in the nose

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The recovery largely depends on how severe the adhesions are and if the surgeon is planning to put a nasal splint following the procedure.
In any case, some degree of swelling, nasal obstruction and counting inside the nose is to be expected.
More specifically to your case, my advice is discuss all your concerns and travel plans with your surgeon. Best of luck.

Marietta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Recovery after nasal surgery.

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The recovery following the procedure you describe should be brief.  Oftentimes nasal adhesions can be treated in the office.  Being that you are needing to go to the OR for this, I would expect you to need a few days to recover, but it should not be as long as your septoplasty recovery.

Sean R. Weiss, MD, FACS
New Orleans Facial Plastic Surgeon
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