When Can I Go Back to Work After a Fat Transfer Procedure?

I drive for a living, after a fat transfer procedure into my inner thighs when is safe to go back to work again? Please respond.

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Fat injections

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You need to ask your surgeon depending on what they've done, how much fat and exactly at what level of implantation, they may say that you shouldn't drive for a couple of weeks or more. As driving is your occupation, you might be pleased to hear they may allow you to resume activities sooner, or at least driving,  but not working out.

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Healing time fat transfer

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Any surgery need time to heal properly.

You need to discuss that with your surgeon.

It will depend on the magnitude of the surgery, the amount of fat transfered and where.

Give your body the time to heal properly or you will have suboptimal results.

Realistically any surgery need about 2-3 weeks

Samir Shureih, MD
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Recovery Time For Fat Transfer

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I am not sure how much fat you had injected, or exactly where, but usually you need at least two weeks of good healing for that fat to start to revascularize and secure itself into position.  If you feel like you will be putting alot of pressure on the area while driving, then you should find something realy soft to sit on and help take any of the pressure off that area for the next week or so.  The more pressure on the area, the more it will try and displace that fat from the desired area.  I hope this helps.

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