How long does a neck lift take, and what is the cost? (photo)

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Neck lift

A neck lift generally takes around 2 hours to do.  I prefer to do these with the presence of an anesthesiologist for safety.

In persons with a significant amount of excess skin in the neck, it is generally wise to incorporate at least a lower/mini face lift in order to chase out the extra skin in front of the ear.

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Questions about a neck lift

A neck lift can take anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. If your concerns are limited to the neck, an isolated neck lift procedure can be done to tighten the platysma muscle and restore your definition in the jawline and around the chin. If your concerns also involve jowline, you would benefit from a facelift as well. 

An isolated neck lift can be performed under local anesthesia, or general anesthesia, depending on health factors and patient preference. The surgeon fee can range anywhere from $5000-$10,000. If the procedure is combined with a facelift the price will be higher. Overall, it is a fantastic procedure that, under the proper circumstances, yields great results.

Todd C. Miller, MD
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Neck/Jawline lifts run about $8800 and take 6 hrs for quality work.

To fix your neck, you have to do the jawline as well which is easy and you will get a very dramatic great result but expect it to take about 6 hrs and cost $8800 on special for quality work. This can all be done under local anesthesia and very safely. sincerely,
David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Necklift or a Facelift

I can see some of what you are trying to show in the photo.  The difference between a necklift and a facelift is subtle.  Generally, I consider a facelift to "lift" the cheeks, midface, jowls AND everything in the neck.  A necklift is a more limited procedure and would only "lift" the neck without doing anything to the jowls or the rest of the face.  Exactly where you would stop when doing a necklift but not a facelift may vary significantly between surgeons.  The vast majority of the "lifts" we do in my office are facelifts- again including the face, cheeks, jowls AND neck.  
In your case, I would recommend a facelift not just a more limited necklift.  The cost in my office is around $7000 for everything (surgeon fee, facility fee and anesthesia fee).  The recovery for both takes between 7 and 10 days. 

John Bitner, MD
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Neck lift

lilly699, can't really tell form the photos what you need. My advice is to see 2-3 facial plastic specialists; make sure you check them out of the Internet t first. See as many photos as possible and don’t go if you do not like what you see. As far as cost, it is going to depend on what type of neck lift you need! Could be anywhere from 2-3 thousand to about 7-8! Good luck!!!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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How long does a neck lift take, and what is the cost?

 While there are different types of necklifts, you need to discuss this with your surgeon.  I perform both full necklifts, as well as, less invasive necklifts.  The pricing and recovery is different.  Sending photos and speaking to the doctor is a great way to decide which is for you!

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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How long does neck lift take and what is cost?

Your picture is not ideal to evaluate you for a possible neck lift, but there are a variety of lifts that can be done and these would vary in the amount of time they would take and cost.  In general, a traditional type of facelift would address the neck and improve the area.  This type of lift can vary in the amount of time it takes, but a rough estimate would be 3-4 hours.  The cost will vary by surgeon.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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How long does a neck lift take?

The length of a neck lift will depend on the complexity of the surgery, the degree of laxity and facial ageing and patient ethnicity and sex. On average a neck lift will take from 1 and half to 3 hours, less than 90 minutes is a short length of time. There is a great deal of individual variation in neck and good surgery requires a meticulous attention to detail including measurements and time. It is important that your surgeon takes adequate time to complete the surgery cautiously and without rushing. Combined face and neck lift takes on average 4 to 6 hours.
Dr. De Silva allows a minimum of 3-hours for most neck lift procedures and allows additional time to ensure the best possible result. For more complex revision neck lifting and combination treatments including facelift, fat transfer and blepharoplasty additional time may be required up to 7-8 hours.

Julian De Silva, MD
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Neck Lift Surgical Time and Cost Factors

The procedure will take from 2-3+ hours depending on what is done. 
Why Neck Lift Costs Vary:
Cost For Neck Lift Determination Factors (Range $7000-$20,000+)
Neck Lift prices vary greatly because the the procedure itself encompasses a wide range of techniques and surgical approaches that can be performed to different extents- for example, Your plastic surgeon will evaluate you for five main features that will determine your best options for improvement:

1.Amount of excess fat (needs lipo or direct removal).
2.Presence of Significant Platysmal Banding (requires playsmaplasy or Botox)
3.Amount of excess Skin and condition of your skin. For example younger age, darker skin colors and no large weight loss history means there will be better elasticity and therefore better post surgical contraction. In milder cases if not too much fat is present there will be enough skin shrinkage with just lipo alone. However for moderate and severe skin redundancy a neck lift or lower facelift (e.g.Lite Lift®, MACS and others),
is needed with or without lipo for best results. Mild to minimal skin tightening using non surgical means like the Sciton Laser SkinTyte procedure, Ultherapy or Thermage could also be considered.
4. Chin deficiency (without adequate chin support your neckline will suffer)
5.Presence of prominent Digastric Muscles or Submandibular gland fullness from laxity or enlargement (partial resection usually best solution).

My recommendation is to first find qualified surgeons that are board certified by either the American Board of Plastic Surgery, or Facial Plastic Surgery you trust, then compare prices between them. Factors that influence the price include:
1. Location - Will it be performed in a hospital with an overnight stay, an independent out- patient facility or a doctors office?
2. Type of Anesthesia - local, IV sedation or General Anesthesia? Will a board certified anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist be used, or an RN?
3. Overnight stay in hospital, post care facility or nurse to go to your home?
4. Experience and training of your surgeon. The best trained (and longest) would be a surgeon board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship trained.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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How long does a neck lift take and what is the cost?

A neck lift is not a time consuming procedure. The time can vary with the number of maneuvers performed. Neck lifts can comprise liposuction, sub mental platysmaplasty and lateral platysmaplasty. The cost varies depending on where you live and which procedures are performed.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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