How Long Does It Take for Fat Transfers to Set In? (photo)

I recently had a fat transfer procedure under and around my eyes. I have always had a sunken in look under my eyes. Right after surgery I was pleased with how smooth my eyes looked. However now 11 days after, my cheeks are fat (chipmunk”ish”) which is making my under eye area look even more sunken in than before. Do fat transfers tend to blend well? How long does swelling take and when does the fat transfer more or less set in?

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Fat to blend in

It takes a few months before you can judge your result. There are times in the healing process you look freakish but these will pass.

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Fat grafting results take 6 months to show

I agree with Dr. Amadi that you need to be patient.  It is a good idea to wait 6 months and at that point additional fat may be injected to blend the different regions

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Be patient

Fat transfer is a wonderful technique if done properly and judiciously. "Blending in" is part of the art of the technique. There is some variability involved as about 40-60% of the fat will remain while the rest will atrophy [melt away].

Getting fat in the space between the eyelid and cheek is the "money" maneuver, as if done properly, it will look great, but too much will make things look lumpy.

Wait about three months to realize you final results. Then you and your surgeon can decide if you are happy or you need a touchup.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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