My Feet Hurt on the Bottom. Will Injecting Fat To the Bottom Of My Feet Help This Problem?

My feet hurt on the bottoms, I get up either in the night or in the morning and I stagger till Im used to being on my feet, my feet hurt most during that time, and then if Im paying attention to them during the day as well. Can I get fat injections on the bottom of my feet to take away the pain?

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Fat injection for padding

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If your podiatrist determines that lack of padding is the cause of the pain then fat injections may help.  A trial of a short-acting filler such as Juvederm or Restylane may help in figuring out whether fat injections may help

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Fat transfer to help foot pain...

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Pain in the feet is a common problem. It has many causes. Pain in the morning is usually due to muscle spasm and would resolve after a few moments of walking around and stretching them out. Other patients can have pain due to the loss of padding because of age.  Anyone considering a surgical procedure to correct the problem should make sure they have an accurate diagnosis to correct the problem. A consultation with your family doctor, an orthopedic or food specialist would be wise to ensure you know exactly what the problem is.


Foot pain

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You might just well have plantar fasciitis - which responds well to stretching, shoe inserts, and perhaps a steroid injection.  Better go check with a podiatrist first.

Fat Grafts for Foot Pain

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Before considering any treatment, you need a diagnosis for the pain. For example, plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain & burning. You should see your primary care doctor or a foot specialist to be evaluated. Fat injections are unlikely to help.

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