Long Face Syndrome, or Weak Lower Jaw? Will Chin Augmentation Help? (photo)

Well, I've been looking at my side profile views and have been noticing that not only do I have a weak chin, but my jaw seems to have grown almost completely downward. I have covered up the rest of the photo and with seeing only the bottom jawline, it could be a normal person in a 45 degree angle turn. I was wondering if I would have to have jaw surgery to fix this, or if a chin implant would help solve the dispcrepencies.

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Chin implant is a good choice

You have two problems: a long chin and a weak chin. The long chin can be corrected with maxillo-facial surgery to remove a slice of the bone of the chin to make it shorter in the vertical plane (from up to down). However, if you use only a chin implant, it will correct the weak chin (in the horizontal plane, meaning from back to front). It will also give the impression that the chin is shorter.

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Simple and effective

Thanks for your picture and your questions. I think you would be a good candidate For a chin implant.

This can be done on an outpatient surgery basis and improve much if not all of your concerns


I believe that this is safer, less risky and less involved than orthognathic surgery 


Our office is a short drive from your area and we would be happy to meet with you anytime

Benjamin C. Marcus, MD
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Long face

Jaw surgery with orthodontics is best. Chin osteotomies and ramal augmentation could mask the look but be happy with the proper plan. Common development pattern for sure

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
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Long Face Syndrome, or Weak Lower Jaw? Will Chin Augmentation Help?

 From the photos provided, the chin is very weak and the cheeks are flat.  Flat cheeks make the face appear rectangular-shaped and elongated.  Chin augmentation with a chin implant will balance the lower face and chin (your jaw itself is fine by the chin).  Cheek augmentation with cheek implants would add angularity and be an aesthetic improvement to the face.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Sliding Genioplasty for Vertically Long and Short Chin

If your bite is satisfactory, then the best treatment for your chin deficiency is a sliding genioplasty. That will bring your chin forward and shorten your facial height. A chin implant will either keep the facial height the same or even lengthen it a bit.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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