Options for Flattening out Mandibular Angle? (photo)

I had a class III underbite at around 10 yrs old which was treated with braces for 2 yrs, but still have around a 2mm discrepancy. What I dont understand is I appear to have a class II relationship in profile view but with a steep gonial angle instead of an underbite appearance. I have never mouthbreathed I think to the best of my knowledge. My heritage is middle eastern but no one in my immediate family has an underbite.

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Vertical Jaw Angle Implants for Steep Gonial Angles

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You do have a high mandibular (gonial) angle. While you are correct in that this type of jaw angle shape is more commonly seen in Class II malocculsions with a short chin, it can be seen in any state of jaw development. For correction you need a vertical lengthening jaw angle implants to lower the angle position.

You do not need a surgery... you need an injection

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All you need is a Botox injection in the muscle at the mandibular angle (called masseter). You should find a Doctor familiar with injecting the Botox into this muscle. With time, the muscle will shrink by 2 to 4mm.

Nabil Fanous, MD
Montreal Facial Plastic Surgeon

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