I'm Thinking About Pursuing a Jaw Implant and Chin Implant to Balance my Face?

Some of the current jawline imbalance is due to excessive muscle growth I've been told. It's been recommended that I get Botox to shrink the muscle. I want to maintain a strong jawline though, so should I do Botox then jaw implants? Also, my chin is uneven and seems to be small. What is your opinion?

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I'm Thinking About Pursuing a Jaw Implant and Chin Implant to Balance my Face?

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 As outlined in my new book on the aesthetics of beauty, symmetry is far less important that having the ideal aesthetic-shaped features.  In a male face, those are features that add angularity = more ruggedly handsome.  Your face, from the photos provided, has very close to the ideal jaw line flare and shape.  The masseter muscle should not, in my opinion, be made smaller with Botox injections in your particular case.

 On profile, your chin is very minimally weak and while this could be augmented with a chin implant (i perform this often), the proper augmentation would create an increase in lower face balance but not much in making the face more attractive.  For that reason, I'd use a temporary filler like Perlane in the chin to preview the change.

 Lastly,  the cheeks are a bit flat and represent the majority of improvement that I see from the photos.  Again, using some Perlane to preview the change would be recommended.  Hope this helps.  

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Possible Benefits of Chin and Jaw Angle Implants

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While your face (lower jaw) shows asymmetry over the jaw angle area, it is hard to know based on these pictures as to whether this is an asymmetry in the masseter muscle, the bone or both. I am going to presume you know because you have done x-rays of the mandible. X-rays (preferably a 3D CT scan) and computer imaging of chin and jaw angle implant changes would be the first thing to do to determine what, if anything, may be aesthetically beneficial for your face.

Jaw and Chin Implants

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  I really don't see anything wrong with your face suggesting that you are in need of jaw and chin implants.  Sorry.  Sometimes, on this site, we lose track of the fact that all procedures, even those which are most safe, carry risks.  In your case, I think that the risks of implants might outweigh any potential benefits, IMHO.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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