Discoloration After Vein Treatment

How Long is It for the Discoloation to Be Gone After I Done the Vein Treatment?

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Discoloration after Vein Treatment

With Vein treatments, you might experience some discolored skin in the areas that have been treated, but this fades in 10-14 days. It’s extremely important that you see a highly trained dermatologist—to have these procedures done. In inexperienced hands, lasers, in particular, can cause burns and scars on the skin.

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Hyperpigmentation after sclerotherapy

Hyperpigmentation can occur after treatments for venous disease, whether it is from sclerotherapy or topical laser and can be minimized with the use of compression garments after treatment and the use of topical cream called Scleroquin. See the link below. 

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Vein Treatment

The discoloration can last for 2 months to 12 months.  If they last longer than that, get a treatment or two with a tattoo laser, and they fade very fast after that.

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90% of pigmentation after sclero will resolve within 6 months

In our 25 year experience in over 20,000 patients, 90% of pigmentation after sclerotherapy, if it ever occurs will resolve within 6 months and the other 10% within 1 year. If it is stubborn, we recommend the q-switched ruby laser which vaporizes out the brown iron staining.

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Resolution of Discoloration after vein treatment

Greeting Zhi~

Brown discoloration or staining of the skin following vein treatment (hemosiderin staining) is not uncommon unfortunately.  It can last any where from months to years until it spontaneously resolves.  We have not found any really effective treatments to help speed the process.  If it is just bruising or remnants of vessels that need to resolve, that can take weeks to even months as well.

Good luck

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How Long can Discoloration Last After Vein Treatment?

Hi Zhi.  It can be years.  We have had patients come to us regarding a condition called "hemosiderin staining" 1-3 years after their vein injections.  This condition causes the are around the injection site to "brown" or bruise semi-permanently.  

The good news is that we do have the ability with q-switched lasers to break up this pigment.  Finally, one of the main reasons our olive or dark skinned patients opt for laser treatments rather than injections for their veins is that they are able to avoid the discoloration issue altogether.

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Hyperpigmentation after treatment of varicose/reticular/telangiectatic leg veins

In almost 100% of patients, any discoloration in skin following sclerotherapy spontaneously resolves within a year (most will resolve sooner than that). This pigment is the result of hemosiderin (a breakdown product of red blood cells) that has been deposited in the tissue while the body is resorbing the treated blood vessels. Rest assured that this pigment will resolve. One way to minimize the potential for this pigment to occur in the first place is to follow-up with your physician approximately two weeks after your sclerotherapy visit. At that time, any coagulum (clotted blood) that have formed following the injections can be drained by your doctor (thus preventing breakdown products from those red blood cells from being deposited into nearby tissue and causing transient discoloration).

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Discolouration after Sclerotherapy for Varicosed Veins

This is a great question and a very common problem for people undergoing injection treatment.  The hyperpigmentation (dark colour) can stay in your skin for a few years or even longer.  It is a result of the iron in the blood being absorbed by the skin after treatment.  Time is the best cure but you have to be very patient.

Best of luck.

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Varicose veins

Hyperpigmentation after varicose vein treatment whether by injection or laser can last up to one year

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Dark Coloration after Vein Treatment

Pigmentation changes can occur after any form of varicose vein therapy. This coloration usually fades with time, but the use of topical creams can speed the resolution. You should also avoid sun exposure(including tanning  booths) for about 6 weeks after treatment to minimize this issue. Hope this helps.

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