How Long Does It Take to See Chin Implant Final Results?

I had an chin implant done three months ago and it does not look normal. It might be too small and makes my cheeks stick out and make me look like a chipmunk. I also had lipo on my cheeks to make them slimmer so I know they are swollen and still need to become slimmer but I am looking really weird. Not sure if after one more month I will be ok. How does the doctor know which size chin to put on you?

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3 months for final chin implant results

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The majority of the swelling from chin augmentation will subsided after three months. This will have no effect on the cheeks. The chipmunk cheeks are from liposuction and surgery you had on the cheek area itself.
The doctor knows which size chin implant to use for each patient based on experience, artistic sensibility, and frank discussions with the patient at consultation and prior to surgery. If there is debate between chin implant sizes, it is best to go with the smaller size.

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Final Results after Chin Implant

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At three months, you should be looking at or close to your final results. The contour of your cheeks have nothing to do with the chin. If you are unhappy with the results of your chin, you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon.

Appearance after chin implant

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Chin implants indicated for those with poor nasal, lip, chin relationships on profile which is commonly picked up during visits for nasal surgery. Aslo chin implants are available that allow for enhancment of the width and height of the chin. Your cheeks do not stick out futher after a chin implant unless you had cheek implants as well or the liposuction you refer to is contributing to this fullness. Before and after photos would be needed to make any other comments.

Chin Implant

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Chin implants are cosen based on the measurement of your chin, length, hight, and projection that is needed.

Liposuction of the face is rarely indicated.

Three months post surgery is more than enough time to see the final results

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3 months usually long enough

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Usually after 3 months you will have seen the final result on a chin implant. The same would be true for lipo. I would suggest a visit to your plastic surgeon to discuss that you are unhappy with the results and see to look at your before and after pictures.

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