Will Chin Implant Give Me a Better Jawline?

I almost dont have jaw lines. Can a Chin Implant make jaw lines? and how should the implant be placed in order to create these jaw lines? do i need to add vertical height on chin?

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Chin Implants Improve Jawlines

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A chin implant can make your face look stronger and more masculine. The size and type of implant will be based upon your anatomy and what would best harmonize with your features. This will be discussed and decided upon when you consult in person with a facial plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

Chin Implant

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Hi there. A “strong” and well-defined jaw and chin have traditionally been attractive physical traits. As such, some patients present with concerns about a weak or recessed chin.
A more aesthetic chin may be achieved by placement of a chin implant. Interestingly, a balanced chin improves overall facial appearance and may actually influence nasal projection.For example, a weak chin may increase the severity of an overprojected nose.
Good overall medical health, as well as realistic expectations, are necessary. It is also key to understand all aspects of the surgery and aftercare. A pleasing, balanced profile can be achieved by inserting an implant to augment a weak chin, resulting in improved facial harmony.
Hope this is helpful. Best wishes.

Anand G. Shah, MD
San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon

Chin implant can improve jawline

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Yes, a chin implant can give a much better definition of the jawline and is used for a retrusive chin. The implants come in four different sizes, which includes small, medium, large, and extra large. Physical examination of your chin by a surgeon would have to be done to tell you which size to use. The implant is placed through a small 0.5 inch incision underneath the chin and is placed over the bone on the front part of the chin. You will get a small amount of vertical improvement and vertical height in the chin, but the predominant improvement is in the horizontal direction. This can be done under local anesthesia. The other added benefit is that you get a slight widening effect of the chin as well from the front-on view.

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 155 reviews

Chin and jaw implant

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There are implants that are placed over the chin and extend back over the jaw. Eventhough, it is difficult form these pictures to ascertain what you desire, such an implant may be what you are after. The implant can be placed similar to a chin implant through an internal incision in your mouth or external incision under your chin.

A chin jowl implant can help with this

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There are different types of implants that not only augment you chin, but wrap around the sides of your jaw that will give you better definition in this area.  Other options would be a sliding genioplasty where your actual jaw bone is advanced.  Its hard to tell from your pictures if this would be neccessary, but you definitely have options. Good luck.

Scott Tucker, MD
Winston Salem Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Implants Can Change the Jaw Line

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Chin implants can most certainly change the jaw line. A complete evaluation with physical exam and profile views is necessary to determine the best option. Remember that there are several different kinds of implants so be sure to discuss your goals with your physician before proceeding.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon
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