How Long After Facelift Surgery Should Bruising Be Expected to Appear or Spread?

I had surgery Thursday and today I noticed the bruising that was on my chest had leeched all the way to the bottom of both of my breasts and now this evening I am seeing bruising on the inside of my lower lip and on my chin. Is this acceptable?

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How much bruising after a face lift is ok?

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 Bruising after any surgery, including face lift, is highly variable from patient to patient.  What you describe sounds typical as long as the skin remains supple...and not taught with increasing pressure which would indicate bleeding under the skin.  As always, it's best to ask your face lift surgeon about your particular case and surgery.

Facelift bruising

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Bruising is completely normal following a face lift . Bruising will be most obvious in the first two weeks of recovery after a face lift.  It will be pronounced around the eyes. Bruising may also appear in the lower neck or upper chest area (if a neck lift was performed) as blood will settle lower down due to gravity.  So don't be surprised if you have bruising in areas that were not direclty operated on.  While most bruising will disappear in a couple of weeks, full healing may take 3-4 weeks (longer if you have hematomas - larger collections of blood). However, you will notice marked improvement every day following the first week of your face lift procedure.  Just be patient - easier said than done.

Carlos Cordoba, MD
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

Bruising After a Facelift

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Bruising after a facelift is to be expected and it can last up to 3 weeks before it is completely gone.  Any bruising you get will drift down so if it is showing up on our chest that is pretty normal.  It will fade is a few days.

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Bruising After Facelift Surgery

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Thank you for your question.  Bruising after facelift surgery is very common (some patients bruising more than others) appearing down the neck and upper chest area, especially if neck lift or lipo was performed.  Bruising should typically take a few weeks to settle, however please do make regular follow up appointments with your plastic surgeon so they can advise. All The Best 

Bruising is a common side effect following facelift surgery.

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Bruising is a common side effect following facelift surgery, and it can “fall” downward onto the neck and chest before resolving. Most bruising should disappear after around two weeks, and should be able to be covered with makeup after one week. If your bruising is accompanied by significant swelling, I would advise visiting your surgeon for a follow-up visit to make sure you don’t have a hematoma.

Bruising & Swelling Following Facelift

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It’s not uncommon for patients to experience bruising following facelift surgery.  Bruising typically lasts about one to two weeks and is more likely to occur with more extensive surgical procedures.  It’s not unusual for discoloration to drift downward onto the chest and change color with time.

In most cases bruising is a normal phenomenon.  When bruising is accompanied by significant swelling this may indicate the presence of a hematoma.  Under these circumstances it’s important to contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

Bruising After Facelift Surgery

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Bruising can last for a week or two and as it dissipates it will go through multiple phases of the rainbow and this can also descend into the neck area which should be gone in 10-14 days in most cases.

Rod J. Rohrich, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Bruising after Facelift

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Bruising is normal following face lift surgery. It will be most
obvious in the first 2 wks. This however will vary by client.


Bruising after face lift

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It is very common for bruising to appear in patches after a face lift and it can track under skin for long distances - follow up with your surgeon to make sure you don't have a hematoma

Bruising after facelifting.

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All patients get some degree of bruising after facelift and eyelid surgery, some to a greater and some to a lesser degree.  It may be evident soon after surgery or may show up several days later.  As long as there is not increased swelling of the tissues at the same time of the bruising ( indicating ongoing bleeding) this should be self limiting and your body will eventually resorb it.  Gravity causes the blood to settle downward and this explains the bruising settling down your chest.  Follow your surgeons advice and avoid Asprin, NSAID's, red wine, vit E, etc, as these can make the problem worse.

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