Big Nose and Braces with Extraction. Will It Make the Nose Smaller?

Big Nose and Braces with Extraction . Will It Make the Nose Smaller?

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Will Braces With Extractions Make My Nose Bigger?

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When bicuspid teeth are extracted and anterior teeth are pulled back to fill the spaces created by the extracted teeth, lip support is often lost. Loss of lip support can make the nose look longer. This affect can be accentuated  if the lower jaw is retruded.

Be very careful and get multiple opinions whenever bicuspid extractions are recommended.  

Nose unaffected by orthodontics

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If you have protruding front teeth and you have extractions with orthodontic treatment your lip might move inward a bit, thus your nose could appear to be a little larger.  However, the orthodontic treatment itself will not really change the shape or size of your nose.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

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