3rd treatment required or not for miraDry?

Hi, I have done two treatments of miradry for tratment with level 4 and second level 5 and I'm still sweating so if there is any risk of doing 3rd tratment

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3rd treatment risks....

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The risks of a 3rd treatment are the same as the first and second. I would suggest you meet with your treating physician and have an iodine-starch test performed before getting treated to see if there's any sweat glands left in the armpit region. Sometimes you can confuse sweat from nearby untreated regions with underarm sweat. 

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Miradry Number of Treatments Needed

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Hi and thank you for your question!

Its always best to contact the physician or provider who treated you to discuss your questions and concerns. If all is healing well from your first two treatments, there is no contraindication to having a 3rd treatment. We are treating everyone at level 5 and most are responding to 1-2 treatments. However, there are still occasional cases where a 3rd is needed. I just had the treatment done and its been life changing. No deodorant needed anymore!  


Dr. Grant Stevens

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2nd or 3rd miraDry session not necessary in most patients

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It is important to see someone with experience for the miraDry because effectiveness is related to technique and technique prevents side effects and complications.

With progressive "Ineffective technique", there is tissue fibrosis requiring modification of technique to deliver the energy in order to destroy sweat glands that have been treated twice before.

I have treated several patients from abroad (Japan, Singapore and Turkey) who had 2 and 3 procedures in their country with continued sweating that I fixed with miraDry ! 

The worst outcome would be injury to nerve structures in the axilla but this is a very rare complications and should be recognized by certain anatomic subtypes such as very thin people. Proper tumescent anesthesia practically eliminates this problem. 

In our practice, 86% of our patients require only a SINGLE miraDry rocedure. This saves patients the discomfort of going through the procedure twice and reduces cost to 50% of MSRP by miraDry !

If you want to see the experts, come and visit our practice.

Read my ebook about miraDry on the link below.

We are a Platinum Plus Provider for miraDry, the only one in Western New York.

We are 10 minutes away from beautiful Niagara Falls, NY.


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