Am I a good candidate for a lip lift? (Photo)

Hello there! I really would like to know your opinion. I am 22 years old. My philtrum (it is 19mm long) and my upper lip is too small and kind of droopy. Do you think I could do with a lip lift? Would that improve the overall appearance of my face?

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Lip lift at age 22

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Thank you for your question about your lip lift.

  • You have a lovely and  memorable face.
  • The photo suggests that your lip - even if long based on 'average length'  - may be well-proportioned for your face.  
  • Please see a plastic surgeon for careful measurements and analysis of your smile -
  • And first discuss fillers which can rotate the lip up, creating apparent shortening of the lip.

Hope you find this information helpful.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes.

Subnasal Lip Lift

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A 19mm vertical distance between the lip and the nose is long by the 'numbers' for a female. But whether shortening it will enhance the rest of your face is best determined by computer imaging. Doing so will give the central upper lip more pout and will make it appear bigger.

Who is a good candidate for a lip lift?

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If you open your mouth, relax your upper lip and do not see any upper teeth, you are a candidate for a lip lift. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia with a relatively short recovery. The scar is placed under the nose almost within the nostrils and is not visible. Your lip can be shortened to between 1.5 to 1 cm depending on your teeth. Your upper lip will look fuller after the procedure and you will not need to do a lip augmentation with Restylane every 6 months to a year. Lip augmentation will not shorten your lip and will not make your upper teeth visible. There is no question that as you get older your lip will get longer, but there is no need to wait till you are older to have this procedure done. You might as well enjoy the results while you are young. Feel free to check the my patient reviews on this procedure on Realself. People do not hesitate to travel to a plastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with this procedure.

Lip rejuvenation

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Thank you for your picture and question.
It really helps to see the amount of tooth show with the lips relaxed or in repose. 
Instead of jumping right to a lip lift, consider getting a lip augmentation with filler first. You may like the way the fulness looks. In my experience, lip lifts are usually reserved for older patients.

I hope this helps.
- Dr. Bryson Richards

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