My nose is extremely tilted. It tilts to the left & it makes my face look distorted. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

Does my whole face need reconstructing? I don't know what if anything I can get done to fix this mess. I didn't notice it this much until the recent years. After I got veneers put in my teeth I feel like my whole face changed. Like I have an overbite or my face has shifted including my nose. Please help this is ruining my self esteem.

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Straightening the nose will help the entire face...

It is important to understand that every person's face has some degree of asymmetry. The right side of the face may be bigger or heavier than the left side. Having said that, a natural nose can have some asymmetry as well. A rhinoplasty should be able to make a great improvement in straightening your nose which will bring more balance to your face as a whole.

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Rhinoplasty candidate for crooked and distorted nose

The nose is very asymmetrical due to the deviation to the patient's left side and is crooked. This may be congenital or traumatic related. To repair a crooked nose, osteotomies of the nasal bones are required to re-set them straight. A cartilaginous spreader graft is also placed underneath the patient's right side upper lateral cartilage to make the mid vault area symmetrical as well. Facial reconstruction is not required, just consider a rhinoplasty procedure. For many examples of crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the link below

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My nose is extremely tilted. It tilts to the left & it makes my face look distorted. What treatment would you recommend?

    The nose can be straightened and improved with a closed rhinoplasty and no visible scars.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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See an experienced plastic surgeon to evaluate your nose. A well done rhinoplasty is probably all you need.

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Facial asymmetry may tilt your nose more to one side than the other. If it is just the nose that is an issue, often it can be straightened. Your tip can also be refined as well.

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Deviated nose

Your facial symmetry has been influenced by the deviated nose. A rhinoplasty can straighten the nose and restore facial symmetry. You will not need anything else. 
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