Zirconium crown aftercare (toothbrush/toothpaste).

I recently had 10 zirconium crowns fitted to my upper jaw and i am really happy with the results. However i am just wanting some extra aftercare advice and how to keep them looking clean, fresh and white like they where when first fitted. I have stopped eating and drinking almost all dark colours foods and drinks which helps a lot but i am wondering what is the best kind of toothpaste and tooth brush to protect the crowns

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Crowns Aftercare

The beauty of your zirconium crowns is that they should be impervious to extrinsic staining. In terms of your dental care, an electric toothbrush would be best for plaque removal, and proper flossing is always a great way to keep your gums healthy, too! In terms of toothpaste, you don't want to use one that is too abrasive since you want to keep the porcelain smooth and prevent any micro-scratched surface. Here in the states, that typically means using a toothpaste with the seal of the American Dental Association.

Zirconium crown after care


Zirconium crowns are the hardest kind. You just need to do your regular follow-ups with your dentist, maintain a good dental cleaning technique. This technique should be indicated by your dentist since it may vary from person to person depending of several factors. Stopping from eating dark color foods and drinks only keeps natural teeth and composite resin from changing their color, pigments don't change zirconia crown, you may eat and drink freely. A mouth guard is always good advice to use for better protection of you crowns. 

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Care of Zirconia crowns #DrSoftTouch

Congratulations on your new smile. Zirconia is an excellent material for restorative dentistry and is highly stain resistant. I would recommend flossing daily and using an electric toothbrush twice a day to keep your teeth and gums healthy. A non abrasive toothpaste is best for your crowns and your natural teeth as well. I hope this helps.  Click on the save button below my name, if you have any direct questions for me in the future.

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