Non-surgical Lipoma Removal Possible?

Is there another way besides surgical lipoma removal to get rid of lipomas? I have one that is 4 inches on the left side of my back. My insurance at the time deemed it cosmetic. I have no insurance now. Please help. I can't even wear a bathing suit without it being noticed. I feel like the hunchback!

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Non-surgical removal of lipoma

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  If the lipoma is really this big, I am not sure that there is that much alternative to surgical excision, which could be accomplished under local anesthesia and which may be affordable.

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Lipoma removal and insurance coverage

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Lipoma removals are usually covered by insurance.  Speak to a plastic surgeon about the removal.  The other option is to pay out of pocket to have the lipoma removed. 

Non Surgical Removal of Lipoma

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Yes, you can have it liposuctioned. It is not truly non surgical since it involves making a small stab incision to put in the cannula but is minimally invasive. This way you don't have a big scar (incision) and may be one stitch.

There are some mesotherapy treatments available as well but are still relatively new.

I would go with Liposuction.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon

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