Scar Removal After Surgical Lipoma Removal?

My lipoma was surgically removed recently by a surgeon in the hospital it has left me with large incision that was stitched with 12 stitches. I will have the stitches removed in 2 weeks. It is a large cut from my right side next to right breast across the ribs till the back. I have been in a lot of pain since the surgery. I am wondering how soon can I start applying scar removal creams to the scarred area of my body and what is the best cream available right now to reduce the scar visibility? Is it normal to still be in such pain despite that my doctor gave me codeine pills mixed with Atasol. I have to take them every 4 to 5 hours for the pain but I still feel the pain even after I took the pills what can I do?

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Scar treatment after lipoma removal

Having some discomfort after a lipoma removal is normal.  Scar treatment creams may be helpful to improve the quality of the scar but will not erase it.  Once the skin is cut, the scar is permanent.  Sometimes silicone sheeting can help as well. 

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Scar treatment with lipoma removal

Wound healing occurs in several stages, beginning with epithelialization of the wound. In most cases, wounds become watertight by 48 hours. During the ensuing time periods, scars can become thickened and pigmented based on the degree of melanocyte activation and tension on the wound. Silicone sheeting and steristrips should be applied early in the process. At all times, optimize wound healing and scarring by keeping close contact with your surgeon.

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