Lipoma Causing Back Pain?

I have two lipomas on my lower left back that the doctor thinks is causing my lower back pain. The MRI showed my spine to be in good condition, so he feels the dull ache I've been having (being forced to sleep with a pillow under my left hip when I lie on my back at night) is due to the lipomas. It makes sense in one respect, but I hate to go through the surgery only to have the back ache continue. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Very unusual for lipomas to cause back pain

It is very unusual for a lipoma to cause back pain. Lipomas are usually superficial and soft collections of fat that reside in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. If the lipoma is large or suppressing on nearby structures, it is possible that it may cause pain. Your best bet is to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon who can determine the extent of lipoma and whether it is interfering with other structures. You may also benefit from an evaluation by your primary care provider for back pain and muscle pain.

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Lipoma may be causing back pain


It is possible that the two are related but there is no good way to know for sure without removing these lumps to see the result. I say "lumps" as you will not know for sure what these tumors represent until thay are removed and sent to pathology for evaluation. Most soft tissue lumps are lipomas, but not all.

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