What Should I Do with Recurring Lipoma?

I had a rather large lipoma spot located on my lower right side rib area, back in October of 2008. Shortly after I noticed it, farther back but in the same area there’s another spot. It is painful what should I do?

I spoke with my regular doctor and he said that I should go back to the surgeon. I happen to be a pharmacy tech and asked my pharmacist. He recommended that I see a specialist but my insurance doesn’t cover that. It has become very tender in that area. I am also wondering why the surgeon did not remove all of it or if he did, why is it back?

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Options for recurring lipomas

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If you have noticed that your lipoma has returned, it is crucial to return to your plastic surgeon for an evaluation. Although uncommon, a lipoma or a portion of a lipoma may grow back. However, the most important thing is for your plastic surgeon to assess this area carefully and determine that this is only a benign process.

Lipomas don't usually hurt

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Was pathology sent on your original tumor? Maybe it was not a lipoma. The other alternative is that you have another one. Lipomas don't usually hurt unless they rub against something else and bother you for that reason.

I would get back to your surgeon and decide what should be done here.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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