Is Lipectomy the Same As Liposuction?

The surgeon that I saw recommended Blepharoplasty, Liposuction to the inside corners and a Brow lift to correct excess eyelid skin.

Clarifying the Liposuction part, his surgery explanation says Lipectomy in addition to Blepharoplasty. Is that the same as Liposuction?

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Lipectomy and Liposuction

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Dear Mom1234,

The use of Latin and Greek among physicians for over 2,000 years served several purposes. It allowed more precise communications across multiple cultures and languages. A good thing. It allowed physicians to have their own "speak" and jargon which separated them from their patients. (If you think this is bad, listen to your teenager, or worse yet to computer/IT babble ...)

Once you master a few Greek words - It literally STOPS "being Greek"...

- tomy - cutting
- ectomy - excisional removal
- plasty - shaping, molding
- Lipo - fat (IE Lipectomy - the cutting out of fat)
- Blepharo - eye (IE Blepharoplasty - eye shaping)

Strictly speaking, Liposuction (or SAL - Suction assisted lipoplasty) is the blunt vacuum removal of fat though a suction tube. Lipectomy is any process in which fat is removed by cutting it out.

I have never heard of a responsible plastic surgeon performing liposuction of the fat around the eyeball. Such a procedure would be associated with HUGE injuries and deformities.

I am ASSUMING the lipectomy discussed refers to the shaping of the fat around the eye globe. This is commonly done in these procedures, but is always done with precision not Worth suction removal.

I too think you need to talk it over with your surgeon to make sure you are both on the same page.

I hope this answered your question.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

"ectomy" means direct removal usually by excision

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Some patients undergoing peri-orbital rejuvenation may benefit from judicious removal of prominent orbital fat. This is not done with liposuction, but with direct surgical removal thru the incision. Over time surgeons have learned to appreciate the role of volume around the eyes and remove much less fat than in years past.

You should make another appointment with your surgeon and review your photos with her/him and clarify what the plan is.

John E. Gross, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Lipectomy for the eylids?

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You should ask your surgeon exactly wheat he/she meant by the term lipectomy. Technically it does mean to surgically excise the excess fat, which is the most common form anyway of treatment of excess fat of the eyelids. There are some techniques to liposuction, but it is not as common and may not achieve the same results. You should discuss all of this thoroughly with your physician. Until you are clear exactly what is being done, what the risks are, and what the likely results would be, you should not proceed. Your surgeon should be discussing all of this in depth, and if they are very nonchalant about it get a second opinion.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Lipectomy vs liposuction

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A lipectomy is technically only a fat removal. Liposuction involves using a cannula to remove fat from the area of fatty deposits. Liposuction is not used around the eyelids. There is a very small amount of precise removal of fat in the lower lids and upper lids to effect a cosmetic and aesthetic change. Lipectomy is typically performed with instruments and is simply a removal of fat.

Eyelid surgery is usually fat removal or lipectomy

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In a standard blepharoplasty fat may be removed from the upper or lower lids.  This is excision or lipectomy.  Suctioning fat is not performed as it is unsafe and difficult to judge the amount of removal.

Lipectomy and Liposuction are different

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Liposuction involves a cannula with negative pressure that is passed repeatedly through a little incision (like you've seen on tv shows). They will not be doing that to the inner corner of your eye.

Lipectomy is removal of fat. There is probably some extra puffyness on the inner corner of your eye and he will remove it just after your plastic surgeon removes the extra skin.

It's good that you're asking about this prior to surgery. They'll no doubt be relevant when you're evaluating your result.

Best wishes,


Not the same

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Lipectomy refers to the removal of fat by surgical excision or cutting it out.  Liposuction refers to the infiltration of tumescent solution (saline with local anesthetic and epinephrine) then removal of the fat with cannulas.  This is not done in the eye-this would be lipectomy.

Lipectomy and Liposuction

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Lipectomy means removal of fat. When combined with skin excision, it becomes a dermolipectomy. Depending on the region of the body, this can be a tummy tuck, thigh lift, brachioplasty, etc. Liposuction is also called suction assisted lipectomy, meaning removal of fat with a suction cannula.

Liposuction is not performed on the eyelids. If the lipectomy on your consent refers to the eyelids, it is referencing the fat comparments within the eyelids, which are directly excised. Clarification with your surgeon would obviously be quite helpful.

Best of luck.

Lipectomy vs liposuction

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Lipectomy refers to excision of fat and skin usually performed for excess skin and fat. Whereas liposuction refers to a minimally invasive way of removing subcutaneous fat. 

Lipectomy and Liposuction are not the same

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Lipectomy and Liposuction are not the same. Lipectomy just means removal of fat. Liposuction is sometimes called suction lipectomy meaning, removal of fat via suction. When you are having a belpharoplasty, it is very unlikely and dangerous if the plan is to remove fat via suction around the eyes. Please make sure you clarify this prior to your surgery.

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