Ice Pick Scarring and Big Pores

Thanks for your time doctors. I have some very ugly icepick scarring on both cheeks and my dermatolagist recommended I come in for Cynergy Multiplex. Is Cynergy Multiplex the same as Affirm Multiplex? I don't mind spending the money if I will see results. I understand my scarring will never 100% go away but it would be great to hide them if I can. Also will accutane shrink the appearance of my pores permanently? I have very big pores on my cheek that makes it looks like I have more Icepicks.

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Shrinking ice pick scars and large pores

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There are various ways to reduce scars or the appearance of scars. For ice pick scars and large pores, I would first try having trichloroacetic acid inserted in the large pore or ice pick scar, something called CROSS therapy which can work quite well. It may need 2-3 treatments. Also, fractionated laser resurfacing can be helpful, or in some cases punch excision. Isotretinoin can reduce remaining pore size, sometimes with long term results.

Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

Ice pick scars and acne scar revision

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While there is no magic bullet for patients with ice pick acne scars to achieve porcelain smooth skin, there are plenty of good options including punch excision of ice pick scars, fractional co2 laser resurfacing, Nd:Yag based lasers such as Spectra laser, Cutera GenesisPlus or Cynergy Multiplex. It is important that the treatment protocol be customized for your skin type and priorities and be supervised by a board-certified dermatologist.

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