Lip Lift Scar Concerns: Continuation? (photo)

I got my stitches removed yesterday and was told by my Doc to apply silicone gel to the scar. The leaflet says, however, that it can't be used unless at least 3 weeks have passed since the stitches removal. I applied it yesterday as advised, now I'm worried that it will worsen my scar. Also, the gel is hardly removable and even though I washed it with water and soap and used a piece of bandage soaked with disinfectant liquid it won't come off and I'm afraid it's because the wound is too fresh.

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Lip lift and silicone gel

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I recommend letting the scar close completely before using silicone cream. You should be safe at about 2 weeks. I doubt that you have caused any harm at this point.

Lip Lift Post Op

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You should follow up with your Plastic Surgeon for your post op care.  The scars heal very well after a lip lift, and are usually in the crease at the base of the nose.  We put them in this location for cosmetic reasons.  I have never seen the need to recommend silicone gel strips following lip lift surgery.

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