What Procedure Will Lift the Corners of my Mouth Up So I Don't Have a Frown? (photo)

What procedure do I need to lift the corners of my mouth up so I don't look like I'm frowning? I also have pockets of fat just under the corners of my mouth, what procedure do I need to get rid of those? I have some fat and irregular hanging skin under my chin what proceeded do I need For this? I had lipo under my chin many years ago and the PS said the skin would even out but it didn't. I am 53. I would love a recommendation of a PS near the San Francisco areas who does a lot of this.

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Fillers such as radiesse are a good choice to upturn the corners of the mouth.

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Radiesse is a great filler that lasts about 1 yr and can upturn the corners of the mouth quite easily for roughly $650. Sincerely,

david hansen,md

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