Lump After Fat Transfer to Upper Lip

9 days ago, I underwent surgery for rhinoplasty, lip augmentation and a chin implant. The lip augmentation was performed using a fat graft from my abdomen, into the upper lip only. 9 days on there is a very noticeable lump/sag on the left side only, which throws off the balance of the upper lip. Since it has only been 9 days could this just still be swelling which is yet to go down? Worst case if the lump stays is it possible to remove/disperse in order to fix the symmetry?

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Lump after lip augmentation

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It is still too early to be concerned about a lump in your lip after fat grafting.  It could still be swollen for several more weeks.  You could also have a small hematoma or collection of blood under the lip skin. I usually recommend light massage of the lips to soften a lump. 

Worst case scenario, a steroid injection could be done to soften or shrink the lump in a few months.

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Uneven lump after fat injection graft to lips

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This is still early and it often takes 3 weeks to see a stable result after fat grafting. If it is firm it is likely one of two things: some fat necrosis, which is common, or a small hematoma (blood collection). Wait it out for now and massage if recommended by your surgeon. Steroids or surgery could possibly treat a peristent lump.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Fat injections for the upper lip

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It may take several weeks to a couple of months or more for the swelling to go down. Massaging may help. See your doctor in follow up to see what else would be recommended. External ultrasound or corticosteroid injections may help but the latter shouldn't be done prematurely.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Lip fat transfer

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Usually you get significant swelling after fat transfer to lips.  Most of this transferred fat will however absorb when placed in the lip.  You will probably end up with about 1/3 rd of the transferred fat.  Massaging the area gently will help.  I would wait since most of the lumping should go with time.

Lip augmentation

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Nine days post surgery is too early. You have swelling and that causes asymetry, lumpiness. Wait 12 weeks then decide on the final result

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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