I have lines under my eyes. What should i do to get rid of them? (Photo)

I am someone that has cried A LOT in the past when i was younger due to abuse. Also i have a few grey hairs and i am only 18. About 4 years ago i noticed this but it seems to get worse over time, i have also used lots of moisturizers to no avail. They aren't just lines, it feels like there is a layer of fat or some kind of vein underneath those lines when i touch it. I know surgery is an option but is there anything else, any other medical cream i could use? Thanks a lot!

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Non-surgical treatment of under eye lines

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Based on your photos, it is difficult to see much in the way of fine lines. However, if you do have fine lines, prescription strength wrinkle cremes that are specifically designed for the fine eyelid wrinkles can be effective as well as certain moisturizing products available through a cosmetic surgeon's office rather than the over-the-counter options. It also seems as though you have deep lower eyelid hollows which give a dark appearance to your eyes and can make one look tired. An injectable filler such as Restylane can be an effective non-surgical approach. 

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