Front tooth is a partial denture, gap between teeth. How can I join them?

I broke a tooth a long time ago, i wanna put an implant and at the same time close the gap between the two front teeth. It's not a very big gap but from my right front tooth to the next tooth on the right of it, it is a big gap so it'd look strange to have such a big front tooth to close the gap between the tooth on the right and tooth on the left. What are my options?

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Without pictures it's impossible to answer your question. You may need additional veneers or bonding to make your smile more aesthetic and close the space. 

Tooth gaps

Not sure of which tooth you broke and want an implant? But I agree with you that widening one tooth to close both spaces would be too much width for that tooth. In smile design there is a principal of golden proportion. It states that everything in design has a certain proportion to other objects. Thus, it is the same with teeth. It sounds to me that at a minimum you may want to consider closing gaps by doing this with 4 front teeth at a minimum. If you do this then you can close the gaps and yet have normally proportioned teeth that will be a harmonious look of symmetry. As another possibility, you could consider orthodontics and move the teeth to close the gaps. You may need to do a combination of orthodontics and restorative with veneers or crowns. The point is you have options and that is great.

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