Bleeding this evening. Is this normal?

This morning my periodontist performed a torgue test on my front upper tooth dental implant and placed a healing cap over the implant. He said my implant was a success. This evening I removed my flipper and the area surrounding the healing cap is bleeding. Is this normal?

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Bleeding After Torque Test

Many times after a healing cap has been placed for the first time or has been changed, the soft tissue interface between the gum and the metal surface of the healing cap can be disrupted. This could cause some temporary minor bleeding. Please check with your dentist to make sure that it is nothing beyond normal expectations. Every case is unique. 

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Bleeding gums

I think this is probably very normal. Placing the healing cap can be irritating to the surrounding tissue. It's great that your implant has integrated well into the bone. Remember there can be maintenance with impolants just as there is with your natural teeth. 

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