Can I do anything about the extra fat on the end of my chin without getting surgery? (Photo)

My chin sticks out wayyy too far when I have a straight face and also when I smile and people have made fun of me for it and I tried "exercising" it or whatever and I just don't have the money for surgery . Is there some other way I can get rid of the extra fat on my chin? Maybe pills or some different type of exercises or something . Just something other than surgery is all I'm asking.

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Improving the chin without Surgery

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When you smile the front of the chin flattens due to a small muscle called the mentalis. You may want to consider BOTOX injection to help decrease the dimply nature of the chin with this. To soften a chin, sometimes I will place a filler in the lower lip to try and bring it forward. Under the chin, it looks like you have a small double chin. Kybella is a neat nonsurgical in office injection.

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin sticking out

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You have a very pretty profile! There are certainly chins that are significantly prominent and yours is not one. It is only slightly in front of the "feminine ideal" at rest.

While there are certainly surgical ways to change this (sliding genioplasty, bony recontouring, etc), unfortunately, there are no good methods without it. Exercising is always a good idea for overall health (and you might notice some tightening underneath your chin) but the front part of your chin will not change much.

A good compromise might be focused micro-liposuction to help reduce some of the anterior volume of the chin. This carries its own risks but is less invasive than open surgery. 

Justin Cohen, MD
Washington DC Otolaryngologist

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