Help with weird chin!!!! What can I do to fix this? (photos)

I'm a girl with a very weird chin. I haven't seen any one else with this kind of chin except for my father. sigh. my chin is very broad and big. whenever I close my mouth/ rest it, my chin muscles tense up I guess and become very visble. it makes my face look very fat and gross. my lips always stick out very weird. I'm not sure what causes this and what I can do fix it and make my face more portportional and more attarctive but any all and help is appreciated. I just want a normal side profile

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Weird Chin?

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Dear Dani,

Thank you for your picture. Dr. Apply has done a very nice job explaining lip incompetence as it relates to your chin contour.  In my opinion,can achieve improved profile and better lip competence with a sliding genioplasty. Best wishes.


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Your chin loks and functions the way it does because of the relationship between the bone and its overlying soft tissue pad. Your chin bone is horizontally short but vertically long. As a result the soft tissue chin pad sits up higher on it than normal and is also unsupported. As a result when you try and close your mouth the soft tissue chin pad tenses up to try and achieve lip competence. What you need is a sliding genioplasty that brings the chin forward as well as vertically shortens it. This will both improve your side profile, help with lip competence and establish a better bone-soft tissue relationship.

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