How to get a more defined upper lip and Cupid's bow? (Photo)

Hi I have recently just had juverderm lip filler treatment on my upper and lower lip but only a tiny amount around the borders of my lips to increase fullness and definition. I am really happy with the results but still feel like without Lipliner my upper lip area looks patchy and the Cupid's bow is still not very defined, would I have to have more lip filler treatment or are there any other alternatives to adding definition to that area

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Lipos cupids bow

I love defining the lips and usually use either juvederm or restylane silk for framing the lips. I recommend going back to the doctor that did your lips and ask him to add a little more. It does look a little uneven which can happen on occasion so that may do the trick. Good luck.

Beverly Hills Physician
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Defining the Cupid's Bow

While a filler like Juvederm Ultra can help add volume to the body of lip, it may not help to define the Cupid's bow, more specifically the white roll. You may want to consider having a small amount of the Juvederm dissolved (using Hyaluronidase) in the body of the lip to the sides of your Cupid's bow, and instead have a thinner filler like Belotero, Juvederm Volbella, or Restylane Silk added directly into the white roll and the philtrum of your lip. This will generally add more definition and give you a more eye-catching Cupid's bow.

Andrew Breithaupt, MD
Torrance Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip augmentation

Hello, and thanks for your question and photos.  There are specific techniques that can be used to improve the definition and structure of the cupid's bow area. In order to determine the best treatment plan for you, I recommend an in-person consultation with a well-trained dermatologist or plastic surgeon. There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion and trying a different injector. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.   

Corey Frucht, MD, PhD
Santa Barbara Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lip Fillers

In my hands Juvederm works well for plumping but it does not work as well as some of the other products to define and shape.  We prefer Restylane Lyft to outline and define the lips and to shape the cupid's bow and philtral ridges.

S. Randolph Waldman, MD
Lexington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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