Cost and difficulty of a silicone chin implant removal? (photos)

I got a chin implant in 1994 and always thought it was too long. I ended up getting used to it and it was fine while I was young and firm. Now that I'm 45 it looks dreadful, like Mr. Magoo. How hard is it to remove, and what is a ball-park figure for the cost? Thanks ever so much.

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Cost and difficulty of a silicone chin implant removal?

Hi, I have performed many Chin Augmentations using chin implants for over 30 years.  Non smiling photos from the side would help in the evaluation.  It would be helpful to compare these with similar photos before the chin implant was placed.  It's also useful to know the make, size, shape and material of the chin implant.  Silastic chin implants can easily be removed through a small, curved incision under the chin.  Medpore implants are far more difficult to remove as these become integrated into the bone.  It's also possible that you have some bone erosion which would cause the shape of your chin to change.  This can and should be verified with XRays.Hope this helps. The other possible explanation, for this chin shape, would be if the older "button" silastic chin implant was used back in 1994.  These shaped implants placed a small amount of front augmentation without any side augmentation yielding a similar shape to that shown in your front photo.  If that's the case it should be an easy remove and replacement surgery that can be performed under a local anesthetic.Hope this helps.

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Chin Implant Removal

If this is a Silastic implant, these are very easy to remove.  They don't integrate into the tissue/bone, so they slide out nicely.  They also can not be screwed into the bone.  So, there are no screws to be removed.  I like the Silastic implants a lot.  They are my typical go-to implant and I rarely need to remove them.  The cost to remove this should be fairly low.  We do the surgery in our in-office AAAASF certified operating suite.  If done here, there is no cost for use of our facility.  It can be done under local anesthesia only or with sedation.  The cost would be less than $1000 depending on the type of anesthesia you choose ($850 plus $100 for anesthesia).  Let us know if we can help.  

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Cost and difficulty of a silicone chin implant removal?

Removing a silastic chin implant is pretty easy as facial surgeries go. It can be done in an office procedure room under local saving hospital costs. Without an exam and history of the procedure I can not advise your course but there are points to consider. 1) We all loose volume in our chin as we get older. With the implant out you may not have the chin you remember. 2) The soft tissues of the chin have been stretched. Especially if it was a big implant. Upon implant removal the chin skin may not contract well and sag creating a "witches chin" effect. 3) Your photo suggests that part of your problem may be that the jaw has narrowed, especially in the pre jowl region. Fillers (I feel fat transfer is the best) along the jawline will give a more masculine jaw, possibly better than you had.

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Cost to Remove Silicone Chin Implant

I understand your concern but consider removal and replacement with a chin/jowl implant that extends into the depression just behind the present implant. It also looks like you have too much projection and the implant may be lying too low on the chin  A full set of pictures including a profile view would be helpful.  Cost would be $3,500-4,000.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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