I just had my second Coolsculpting treatment done on my chin; is this normal?

I just had my second Coolsculpting treatment done on my chin. The first time I had numbness and the redness went away very quickly. This time my skin isn't really numb and it feels different. Is this normal for a second treatment? I was expecting it to be numb again. The machine broke its seal after about 20 minutes and had to be reapplied and the time started over. I'm worried this affected the treatment or that a step was missed when it was reapplied.

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I just had my second Coolsculpting treatment done on my chin; is this normal?

Thank you for your question. Numbness is not an indication of a successful CoolSculpting treatment. Many people do not have any side effects after the treatment. I would not worry too much. Regards,

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CoolSculpting of the Chin

Patients have many different reactions after CoolSculpting and it is normal for side effects to vary with each treatment.  The machines will shut off and alert the technician if anything is wrong.  I wouldn't worry too much.  Most of the side effects and different feelings resolve on their own.  

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Feelings after submental treatments

Following Cool Sculpting there isn't always an equal feeling you experience. I wouldn't worry too much about not being numb following the treatment to be honest. If your provider restarted your treatment and if was completed there really isn't a step they can "miss." The machine won't allow it to run without the gel or the protective skin and alerts us if any errors in temperature occur. Hope this puts your mind at rest but always contact your provider with questions if you feel uneasy about any part of your recovery. Hope this helps. 

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Coolsculpting and Swelling/Pain/Numbness

Numbness and sensnsation changes are normal after neck treatment and will resolve over time. I suggest seeing an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Normal Feelings Following Second Cool Mini Treatment

Dear jnsphoto, 
Sometimes during the cool mini treatment the client can loose the seal (movement, talking, changing positions) and thus require the provider to restart treatment. This isn't often, but definitely  happens on occasion. The clinical recommendation from Zeltiq is to restart the treatment if this happens so you are ok on that. I wouldn't worry too much about how you are "feeling" following treatment two because the experience can vary. Good luck on your results!

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
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Cool-mini and neck

It can happen with the Cool-mini that the applicator falls off but as long as the full length of treatment was performed you should have good results.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
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CoolSculpting for chin

Each treatment is a little different in therms of the after effects you can experience. Sometimes there is numbness or soreness and other times there isn't. If the treatment was started again you should be fine. You should still get an improvement 

Hardik Soni, MD
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