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CoolMini is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for double chin, or fat under the chin. It uses a small attachment to the popular CoolSculpting device, which precisely freezes and destroys fat below the surface of the skin. Patients often see results after one to two treatments.

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CoolMini: Nothing to lose but some $ and my double chin.

No matter my weight, I've had a soft jawline my entire life. When I put on weigh it's definitely one of the first places it goes. I decided to go ahead and try out the cool mini because it's a non-invasive procedure without chemicals.. Also, I liked the fact that the swelling/recovery process... READ MORE

22 year old post CoolSculpting double chin

My chin is something that I've been self-conscious about for quite some time. I go to the gym and have a slim build, and have even tried doing neck exercises, but nothing seemed to get rid of this chin. Prior to this procedure, I thought long and hard about going forward with it due to the... READ MORE

Take my Double Chin Away! Charlotte, NC

After losing and gaining 50+ lbs, the first place that always shows a gain is my face. Cue the double chin. It just made my face look rounder than it already is. A friend of mine introduced me to the ladies at Med Boutique in Ballantyne/Charlotte, NC. After a chin cup test and thorough... READ MORE

Double Chin is Gone! - San Antonio, TX

I have had a small fatty deposit under my chin all my life. When I heard CoolSculpting was available for this area, I immediately made an appointment because of my past CoolSculpting results. I am already seeing results. I had little to no pain or swelling and went to dinner right after the... READ MORE

31 Years Old with No Jaw!! - Cincinnati, OH

I didn't have the biggest double chin but what bothered me, is my face kind of blended into my neck. In the photos below I have had my 1st double chin procedure and I love my results. I have to go and get my second procedure still- as it is a 2 treatment protocol. However, the office... READ MORE

Cool Mini for Double Chin - San Antonio, TX

I had a double chin and did not want surgery. Two sessions of CoolSculpting (using the cool mini) made a substantial difference! I encourage you to look into this. The skin looks "sunburned" after you have the procedure done. Nobody noticed this except my small child. I recommend CoolSculpting... READ MORE

Getting Rid of My Double Chin with Coolsculpting

My wife wanted me to start working out again, so I did. I was losing weight around my middle section but my double chin remained even when I got back down to my college weight. I found out about the new coolsculpting treatment for double chins and my wife booked me an appointment. I was a good... READ MORE

29 year old CoolSculpting double chin/jawline

I was originally scheduled for Kybella on March 24th but cancelled due to the possible "bullfrog" effect for several weeks. I am already self conscious about my double chin and do not want to drawn more attention to that area. I just had my right side of jawline/double chin completed with... READ MORE

Goodbye Double Chin

After years of hating my double chin, I finally decided to do something about it. My friend, Marla, went to ThinSculpting for CoolSculpting and had such amazing results that I made an appointment to see what it was all about. I met with the tech, Morgan, who was great - very knowledgable and... READ MORE

Very Happy with Results

Self conscious of double chin and jawline. Procedure showed great improvement without invasive surgery. Low cost and no downtime were important factors in choosing CoolSculpting. The results were very apparent in the before and after photos. Procedure is uncomfortable for a short period of time... READ MORE

Coolsculpting to Double Chin - Katy, TX

I had the procedure today. The staff at Suzanne Bruce and Associates made a soft, comfortable spot for me to rest while I had to keep my head still and not talk for 45 minutes. I have had a double chin from the time I was in my 20's and a BMI of 20. It's only gotten way worse at age 53 and... READ MORE

Chin Cool Sculpting - Denver, CO

I did the chin cool sculpting .... It was painful and no real results. I was back to the same in 3-4 months .... I'm trying kybella this time around . They say sometimes you need to to back 2-3 times for better results but who can pay $1000 each time especially if you have to go back three or... READ MORE

CoolSculpting - Algonquin, IL

I had my under chin fat treated by CoolSculpting about 6 months ago. This was the best decision that I ever could have made. It was painless and so quick and easy. Just about 5 weeks post procedure, I really started to notice results. In pictures that were taken of me, my face was so much... READ MORE

Dr. Bayati is the Bomb! - Newport Beach, CA

I had stubborn fat causing a "double chin." I wasn't interested in surgery so Dr. Bayati and her team introduced me to CoolSculpting. I also have used Dr. Bayati for laser hair removal. Both procedures were quick and efficient. I couldn't be happier with the results! Dr. Bayati and her... READ MORE

Cool Mini Coolsculpting to my Chin/jawline - Baton Rouge, LA

I always hated my jawline, It isn't as defined as I would like. I had cool mini Coolsculpting to my chin/jawline area about 8 weeks ago. I can feel a difference already. Friends and family members keep telling me I look like I lost weight. I'm assuming because my jawline is more defined and... READ MORE

46 Years Old, 3 Kids and Wanted my Double Chin Gone - Ann Arbor, MI

I never wanted my picture taken, I would avoid cameras at all cost. I decided to try coolsculpting to get rid of my double chin. I wasn't sure what to except when I went in, I was a little nervous but was made to feel comfortable right away. Very little pain and no down time, I went back to work... READ MORE

50th Birthday Gift to Myself! Bye 2nd Chin

I have always been quite self conscious about my double chin and often disliked what I looked like in photos but never thought there was anything I could do about it without undergoing some type of invasive surgery. I've also never had the time to undergo surgery or the money to spend on a... READ MORE

Bye Bye Double Chin - Fort Myers, FL

I decided to try coolsculpting for fat under my chin. I understand that fat in area is heredity and I believe that to be true. I have not tried any other treatment but know there are several different treatments available. The actual treatment was not painful but I was slightly uncomfortable. ... READ MORE

55 Year Old Female - Des Moines, IA

I am 55 year old female that before Coolsculpting hated every picture because of my double chin! No matter how much I exercised or how much weight I lost, I had fat under my chin. I heard about Coolsculpting from a radio ad of Dr Cherny's and figured I had nothing to lose in going to a... READ MORE

Bye-Bye Double Chin, All Smiles. Roseville, CA

Over the last year or so I've noticed my double chin being the focal point in pics with friends. I've heard of liposuction being performed in this area but I have never been motivated to undergo surgery. My girlfriend told me about CoolSculpting as a non-surgical option at Dr. Scott Hearth's... READ MORE

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