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CoolMini is an FDA-approved, non-surgical treatment for double chin, or fat under the chin. It uses a small attachment to the popular CoolSculpting device, which precisely freezes and destroys fat below the surface of the skin. Patients often see results after one to two treatments.

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22 year old post CoolSculpting double chin

My chin is something that I've been self-conscious about for quite some time. I go to the gym and have a slim build, and have even tried doing neck exercises, but nothing seemed to get rid of this chin. Prior to this procedure, I thought long and hard about going forward with it due to the... READ MORE

Coolmini double chin

Just done coolmini at Toronto for two grab 1400$ . It actually not happen too much bursing. Just some rad dot. And after fill muming. Really can't wait to see the results. And clinic provide one free life facial including in the package. Found the deal on Groupon. And review is write by day four. READ MORE

Follow my Coolmini Experience 20 Y.o. Female

I thought since realself has been such a big part of deciding what procedures I've decided to go ahead with or not, I would help others by sharing my experience with coolmini. For as long as I can remember I've had a hereditary double chin/lack of chin as I have a pretty weak chin/jaw. I've... READ MORE

Cool Sculpt Double Chin 5 Weeks Post

Looked into cool sculpt mini, kybella and laser lipo. Decided on cool sculpt mini after all three consultations. Had first treatment may 2 2017 one application on each side with middle overlapping. 5 weeks later and don't see any change. Maybe even it looks worse? I am scheduled for second... READ MORE

CoolMini: Nothing to lose but some $ and my double chin.

No matter my weight, I've had a soft jawline my entire life. When I put on weigh it's definitely one of the first places it goes. I decided to go ahead and try out the cool mini because it's a non-invasive procedure without chemicals.. Also, I liked the fact that the swelling/recovery process... READ MORE

Too Many Chins (Mid-40s, Female, Overweight)

Even when I was 105 pounds, I had more than one chin. I figure all my ancestors handed them down to me, as huuuuuuge double chins run in the family. Now that I'm a fatty on top of that, my chins are out of control. They're the reason I try to avoid pictures, for example. Anyway, I always figured... READ MORE

43 Year Old with Small Double Chin After Weight Gain and Loss

I met with my doctor to discuss removing my double chin that I've recently acquired. She said I would be a great candidate for the coolsculpt mini treatment. Since my chin wasn't big enough for the applicator, she decided that we would have to do 2 treatments on each side of my chin. I agreed... READ MORE

37 Y/o...fat Thanks

So, I was one of those lucky people that was born with a receding jawline. I actually had my chin augmented and a bit of lipo done in that area back when I was 22. That was a great decision & completely changed my profile & self esteem at a young age. Over the years some of the fat came... READ MORE

Dramatic results from Coolmini! (Also Coolmini pricing San Diego area)

Okay, so we all know from watching "Botched" that there are some procedures you don't want to try to cheap out on. No "discount tummy tucks" from an OB/GYN who has never done one before, no "mystery injectibles/implants" in sketchy foreign countries. And you don't let your dentist do a nose... READ MORE

CoolSculpting - Algonquin, IL

I had my under chin fat treated by CoolSculpting about 6 months ago. This was the best decision that I ever could have made. It was painless and so quick and easy. Just about 5 weeks post procedure, I really started to notice results. In pictures that were taken of me, my face was so much... READ MORE

34 Year Old Woman with Genetic Chin Fat

Somethings you want to inherit from your grandmother, but her double chin certainly wasn't one of them. Me and my Oma in Germany look very similar, more so then my mother or father. I tend to think that I look really good for my age. I don't really have any wrinkles, my skin is pretty good, but... READ MORE

Take my Double Chin Away! Charlotte, NC

After losing and gaining 50+ lbs, the first place that always shows a gain is my face. Cue the double chin. It just made my face look rounder than it already is. A friend of mine introduced me to the ladies at Med Boutique in Ballantyne/Charlotte, NC. After a chin cup test and thorough... READ MORE

Double Chin is Gone! - San Antonio, TX

I have had a small fatty deposit under my chin all my life. When I heard CoolSculpting was available for this area, I immediately made an appointment because of my past CoolSculpting results. I am already seeing results. I had little to no pain or swelling and went to dinner right after the... READ MORE

31 Years Old with No Jaw!! - Cincinnati, OH

I didn't have the biggest double chin but what bothered me, is my face kind of blended into my neck. In the photos below I have had my 1st double chin procedure and I love my results. I have to go and get my second procedure still- as it is a 2 treatment protocol. However, the office... READ MORE

Cool Mini for Double Chin - San Antonio, TX

I had a double chin and did not want surgery. Two sessions of CoolSculpting (using the cool mini) made a substantial difference! I encourage you to look into this. The skin looks "sunburned" after you have the procedure done. Nobody noticed this except my small child. I recommend CoolSculpting... READ MORE

Getting Rid of My Double Chin with Coolsculpting

My wife wanted me to start working out again, so I did. I was losing weight around my middle section but my double chin remained even when I got back down to my college weight. I found out about the new coolsculpting treatment for double chins and my wife booked me an appointment. I was a good... READ MORE

28 Years Old, Average Weight, Double Chin After Gaining 15 Lbs

I was Very excited about having the cool sculpt mini to my chin. I Didn't expect anything drastic but was hopeful for at least a slight noticeable improvement. I am thoroughly disappointed that I see absolutely no difference 5 months later. I would like to share my experience and see if anyone... READ MORE

Review on the Cool Mini for Both Sides Under Chin

I just had my procedure yesterday so I will be updating on how it goes I don't see many reviews online so I want to do my own to let people know. they started by getting me in a comfortable position then they put the thing on it hurt pretty bad on the first side of my face for about 10 minutes... READ MORE

Three Treatments with CoolMini for Chin

CoolMini for chin was good then went back for double treatments on each side of the chin. Minimal pain after each treatment. Results good. Follow up very good. Will consider additional treatments in the same area again at some point in the future. Convenient times, private room and congenial... READ MORE

Don't Waste Your Money on CoolMini - Get Kybella

About a year ago I did two CoolMini treatments that made my chin/jawline look the same if not worse. Since then, I have tried Kybella (with Dr. Lizzul at the Institute connected to the Four Seasons in Westlake Village), which is working. Also the brief pain of the Kybella injections is more... READ MORE

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