Are all dental implants basically the same?

I need some implants, and went for several consultations. The price for the implants varies so much. Starts at below $1000 and up to $3000. What is the difference? Will I endanger myself by going with the lowest price? will they last less or brake? All dentists looked credible and professional, and I liked them all.

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Implants grade 5, FDA approved, are all the same

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if you are wondering if they are different, no, as long as they re FDA approved,and titanium grade 5, transnational companies, they are ll the same, the difference is the amount the doctor wants to charge,
location, and provably discounts or special offers, 
many patients travel for dental tourism, and they even get 70 % below what they will pay back home, and they are the same companies, same materials, but special deals. 
any doctor you choose is good, the difference would be confidence and price.

All the same

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All dental implants are now made of the same titanium alloy which is fda approved.  The cost varies on the value the office gives it.  Implant prices vary by ~$100 give or take.  What is important is that the design is common, in which case if you need parts they are easy to find in the future.  Certain offices are corporate & will offer lower prices to get people in the door while hiring someone who is willing to do them at those fees.  Higher prices can mean the doctor values their work, has more attention to detail & experience.  Or it can be based on location.  See the doctors webpage / facebook cases & pictures as they can give you an idea of their work.  Good luck

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

No they are not all the same.

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"Caveat Emptor". There is always a reason that a procedure can cost less, and it usually isn't in your best interest. I would want to ensure that your implant is being made by a company that has done a lot of research and development and has a high success rate. An implant becomes part of your body because it fuses with your bone. I would want to make sure that the highest quality titanium is being used. Some foreign-made implants from the Far East may not have the same quality control as implants made in the United States and Europe. Also, what is the skill and experience level of the  dentist providing the surgery? The joy and happiness of saving a few dollars up front can be easily outweighed quickly by the misery of an unsuccessful outcome.

Douglas Jopling,  DDS
Dallas,  Texas area

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Are all implants the same?

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As with most things in life, the least expensive is usually not of the same quality as the most expensive. Typically when dentists charge different amounts for a dental implant they are using materials from different companies. The least expensive implant parts currently are being made in China, and the specifications and quality control may not be what you would like. The same can be said for the denture or crown made to fit on the implant. Some dentists use overseas dental laboratory services which are very inexpensive but again may not have the same reliability or esthetics as a good-quality dental lab.

The funny thing about dentistry is that patients are always looking for cheaper and faster. You can get cheaper, you can get faster, and you can get highest quality, but you won't get all three at the same time. As a patient, you have to decide which is most important to you and find a dentist who provides what you want. Most patients I meet want to have the work done, not have pain, and have it last a really long time. They also want it to look good and feel good, just like their own teeth. All of those things may mean paying more for the service with a dentist who has a great deal of skill, using parts that are made with good quality control in North America, Germany, Israel (as examples), using a dental laboratory with whom the dentist regularly communicates.

Good luck!

Andrea Stevens, DMD
Ottawa Dentist

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