I got my 2 top teeth pulled out, because my dentist said I didn't have space. My teeth no longer show when I smile?

I used to have 2 fangs sticking out on the top of my teeth but my old dentist decided to pull out the 2 teeth next to my fangs. I got braces by him but I switched dentist because his braces kept falling off.I realized later,that he wasn't even a licensed orthodontist. My new ortho who is great,and said I didn't need the 2 teeth pulled out on the top. I got my braces off, and my teeth are straight, but my teeth don't show when I smile anymore like they used too. What can I do to fix this?

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How to Reverse Bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics

The only way to fix not being able to see your teeth when you smile is to reverse the effects of the bicuspid extraction orthodontics. This is done by expanding the dental arch that was underdeveloped from the start (that is why the canine or "fang" teeth didn't fit into the arch). Now that the bicuspids were extracted the dental arch collapsed even further when the spaces from the bicuspid extractions were closed. 

Developing the dental arch is done using a removable appliance.

Good luck!

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